Presentation from 2019 OAB Sales Seminar

Increasing Auto Advertising in 2019 … And Beyond!

Featuring automotive sales expert John Tkac


Automotive sales expert John Tkac has shared his presentation from the 2019 OAB sales seminar to help you capture more of your local dealers’ advertising and marketing dollars. Peek under the hood of an auto dealership to learn more about the inner workings of your client’s business, gain their trust and become a true consultant. John covered how to:

  • Harness the used vehicle business
  • Turn a dealer’s internet focus into revenue for your station
  • Talk to dealers in their language
  • Get meetings with the right people
  • Turn ad agencies from problems into partners

About the Presenter

John Tkac was in the retail automobile business for 32 years and operated some of the largest retail auto dealerships in the country. He now travels the country teaching broadcasters how to more effectively communicate with, and sell to, these important local advertisers. John will share with you the most effective strategies, tactics, and techniques that will make the auto dealers in your area long-term customers and true believers in the effectiveness of broadcasting.