NCSA-PEP: Angels on Track

Angels on Track Radio Spots

The Angels on Track NCSA-PEP radio spots are available for download below. Spots may be aired between June 1 – August 31, 2022.

Traffic Instructions

:30 Radio Spots

If possible, please submit affidavits or invoices via your EDI provider. Here are OAB ID numbers:

  • (9914905 or RI14905)
  • (IDB# 2060)
  • (185745)
  • (EMT12638)

If you submit invoices via EDI, you do not need to send paper or email invoices. If your station does not use EDI, please continue to send your NCSA-PEP affidavits or invoices generated through your invoicing system or use the OAB’s generic affidavit form.
All Angels on Track radio spots are approved for web use and may be posted on station websites.

Thank you for your support of this campaign. If you have any questions about this NCSA-PEP campaign, please contact the OAB’s Mariah West.
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