LBS Monthly Webinars

As part of our LBS Sales Resources, the OAB is pleased to offer our members access to Local Broadcast Sales’ monthly webinars in 2019. These 2nd Tuesday Webinar sessions provide fresh content and marketing solutions to help you sell more in a constantly changing environment.

All sessions are conducted on the second Tuesday of the month at 12 noon. Topics for the following month will be announced during the session, and registration will be available 10 days prior to the event.

Links to archives of prior sessions are available below.

Next Session

5 Common Brand Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020, at 12 p.m.

Every once in a while, we are better off personally and professionally after we meet certain individuals, and this webinar will be one of those unique points in time for you! We are thrilled to introduce you to Blaine and Honey Parker, founders of Slow Burn Marketing. Your clients and station managers depend on you to be the most creative media solution provider in the market, and you need to be a powerhouse branding expert. Learn and review the difference between a small-business brand and a billion-dollar brand and what to look for as you examine your client’s new or established branding strategies. This session is all set to elevate your game in the field. See you there!

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  • DECEMBER 2019: Positioning the All-Important Political Advertising for You and Your Station! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • NOVEMBER 2019: Setting Ourselves Up to Win 4x More Local Direct Business! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • OCTOBER 2019: What’s All This Fuss over Mobile to Social Device ID Targeting and OTT? (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • SEPTEMBER 2019: Unleashing Your Broadcast and Digital Sales Success (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • AUGUST 2019: Make a Tremendous Difference with Your Car Dealers! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • JULY 2019: Boost Your Creativity! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • JUNE 2019: Revenue Engine Overview (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • MAY 2019: Leadership Impact Rx: Maximum Strength i3 (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • APRIL 2019: The Nine Facts You Need from Every Local Direct Client (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • MARCH 2019: The Dangers of Broadcasters Being Tone Deaf to Internet Marketing Demands (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • FEBRUARY 2019: Renewing Your Automotive Strategies for 2019 with John Tkac (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • JANUARY 2019: Drive Them to the Website (VIEW ARCHIVE)