LBS Monthly Webinars

Expert Sales Training Every 2nd Tuesday

As part of our LBS Sales Resources, the OAB is pleased to offer our members access to Local Broadcast Sales’ monthly webinars. These 2nd Tuesday Webinar sessions provide fresh content and marketing solutions to help you sell more in a constantly changing environment.

All sessions are conducted on the second Tuesday of the month at 12 noon. Topics for the following month will be announced during the session, and registration will be available 10 days prior to the event.

Links to archives of prior sessions are available below.

Next Session

December LBS 2nd Tuesday

Details TBD
Tuesday, December 12 at Noon, ET


  • NOVEMBER 2023: What LOCAL Dealers Need You to Know Today! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • OCTOBER 2023: Mastering Long-Term Local Sales Strategies (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • SEPTEMBER 2023: The Thriving Podcast Landscape for Broadcasters (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • AUGUST 2023: WARNING: Yesterday’s Sales Success Puts You In Danger Today! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • JULY 2023: Setting Appointments Successfully and Knowing Your Client’s Margins! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • JUNE 2023: Top 10 Tips On How To Be A Broadcast Sales Superstar! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • MAY 2023: Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Broadcast Sellers and Ad Creators? (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • APRIL 2023: Hard Truths Every Broadcast Seller Needs to Understand and Overcome! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • MARCH 2023: Broadcasters, Win Back LOCAL Car and Truck Dealers (In a BIG Way)! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • FEBRUARY 2023: Better Advertising Campaigns Aren’t Just Essential, They’re Existential! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • JANUARY 2023: Attention Broadcast Sellers and Leaders: Never Be Boring! (VIEW ARCHIVE)
  • DECEMBER 2022: How to Get More From Your Current Customers! (VIEW ARCHIVE)