2017 Scholarship Recipient: Emily Coller

Emily Coller

College: Xavier University
Major: Business and History
High School: Lakeview High School
Year of Scholarship: 2017

A graduate of Lakeview High School, Emily plans to attend Xavier University in the fall of 2017 to begin her academic journey studying business and history.

Her father, Robert Coller, is a broadcast technician and operations employee at WJW-TV Fox 8, in Cleveland, and her mother, Patricia Coller, is a digital and web producer at LIN Media in Youngstown.

“Throughout their careers, my parents have experienced tragedy and disaster. However, they have also been witness to the growth of our community,” Emily said. “They have inspired me to imagine my life, wherever it takes me, cultivating hope and bringing smiles to faces of despair.”

Emily graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was involved in many activities during her time at Lakeview High School, some of which included honor roll, National Honors Society, NEOMED Women in Medicine Day, varsity golf, and choir. She has also been involved in many community groups, including Senior Beta Club, Youth Leadership Mahoning Valley, Bulldog Buddies Tutoring Service, and volunteering with my church and Parks and Recreation Department.

She credits being part of the Ohio Attorney General Teen Advisory Board as the most rewarding experience. Emily was tasked with finding a creative and teen-friendly way of educating our peers on the dangers of alcohol and drugs. She and her team helped design a webpage based on safe alcohol consumption and ways to get help if you think you might be using a substance dangerously.

“I will never forget being able to speak with Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine,” said Emily. “These experiences have opened my eyes.”

This scholarship will help Emily further her education so she can educate others. In 10 years, she imagines herself working in a museum and using her degree in history and business to consult on historical films and documentaries.

Q&A with Emily

Why is this scholarship so important to your future?
This scholarship is important to my future as it will me to further my education so that I may educate others on the importance of knowing our history.

What are your plans for the summer?
This summer, I plan on spending as much time as possible with the people important to me and exploring new things. I want to make as many memories as possible.

What is the best piece of advice given to you?
My golf coach always used to say, “hole-by-hole, shot-by-shot.” I think that can be applied to anything in life.


About the Ohio Broadcasters Foundation

The Ohio Broadcasters Foundation is the educational foundation affiliated with the Ohio Association of Broadcasters, the not-for-profit trade association of radio and television stations in Ohio.  The OAB Kids Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating high school senior planning to attend college next year whose parent is employed by an OAB member station.


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