Endangered Missing Child Alert

Endangered Missing Child Alert

EndangeredMissingChildEndangered Missing Child Alerts are issued by law enforcement when a child is missing under unknown circumstances and when the case does not meet the emergency nature of an AMBER Alert. Because the criteria for issuing an AMBER Alert are very specific, the Endangered Missing Child Alert enables valuable information about a missing child to be shared with the media without desensitizing either the media or the general public to AMBER Alerts.


This alert is issued by law enforcement when a child is missing due to unknown circumstances and the investigating law enforcement agency considers the missing child to be at-risk of serious physical harm or death based on the circumstances of the disappearance. Additionally, sufficient descriptive information exists about the child and the circumstances to indicate the alert would help locate the child.

Broadcasters’ Response

Endangered Missing Child Alerts are issued via social media, email, text message or fax. The EAS and WEA are NOT activated. Updates and cancellations are also delivered via social media, email, text message or fax. Notification about an Endangered Missing Child Alert is sent statewide to all who request to receive these alerts.

Additional information about the alert, including photos if available, is also posted on the Ohio Attorney General’s website. A special toll-free number (1.866.693.9171) may also be activated for tips and alert information.

Participating stations are encouraged to air alerts originating in their broadcast area.

The OAB has developed a poster with information about each alert for stations to use for quick reference.  Contact the OAB’s Christine Merritt at 614.228.4052 for a print version of the poster.

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