NCSA-PEP Program

Helping non-profits and government agencies inform and educate Ohioans.

The OAB’s Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement (NCSA) program, also known as the Public Education Partnership (PEP) program, provides a unique opportunity for non-profit organizations and government agencies to distribute their public service messages.

We accept a limited number of NCSA-PEP campaigns each year and distribute the spots to all stations in Ohio.  While station participation in our NCSA-PEP campaigns is voluntary, the OAB invests the revenue from these campaigns in our member services, including our legal hotlines, bulletins and training seminars.  Learn more here.

Current Campaigns

Here are our current campaigns airing:

Each page includes links to download broadcast quality spots and traffic instructions for the current month.

October Traffic Instructions

Traffic instructions include a suggested minimum number of airings per month for each campaign.  We realize that station inventory is very valuable and limited, and appreciate any contribution stations can make.

Please provide affidavits of airplay electronically, if possible, or via U.S. mail.