Live and Local 2024

Broadcasters Impact Ohio

Informing. Serving. Innovating.

Every day, local radio and TV stations are Ohio’s most reliable source for news, entertainment, and emergency information – accessible any time of day on radios, smartphones, car dashboards, laptops, tablets, and TVs.

Our stations and staff are leaders in community service, dedicating airtime, resources, and volunteer hours to support local causes.

We directly impact businesses and help grow local economies through advertising, sponsorships, and on-location coverage.

Local broadcasters are trusted and essential with community ties that run deep. We’re there when the final whistle blows, when the storm rolls in, and when your favorite song plays. We make a difference in people’s lives both on and off the air.

Telling Local Stories

Local broadcasters keep our communities informed about what is happening in their
schools and local politics, and work around the clock to monitor inclement and dangerous weather.

Promoting Local Causes

Through volunteer work, fundraisers, and free air time, public service is at the heart of local radio and television broadcasting.

See How Local Broadcasters Make a Difference in Your Community