Inclusive Journalism Webinar

Practicing Inclusive Journalism & Using Empathy as a Journalistic Tool

Inclusive journalism is more than diversity on-air – it is really about how journalists work to intentionally cover minority communities fairly. Journalists must challenge themselves to recognize their own implicit bias and learn to mitigate it, avoid perpetuating dangerous negative racial stereotypes, and produce journalism that is inclusive and reflective of the whole community they serve.

Empathy is a powerful journalistic tool that helps us learn how others see the world and understand how they feel about it.

This 90-minute webinar is relevant for all staff in television and radio newsrooms.  Presented by Kevin Benz of KevinBenz.News and Sara Fahim of Run with the Wolves, the session used real examples and engaging exercises to explore issues related to implicit bias, covering minority communities, the news relationship with law enforcement, and having difficult newsroom conversations about race and inclusion with respect and understanding.


  • Where we were and where we are — Research tells us that people of color do not see themselves portrayed accurately or fairly in the news. This was before the protests. Coverage of those protests has been hit and miss, and we can see a lack of inclusive understanding in the coverage of the protests. Doing this well is now more important than ever, not doing it well isn’t just damaging, it’s dangerous.
  • Implicit bias in our journalism — How we describe protest, violence, riots and police, affects the way our audience sees those groups as well.
  • The protest paradigm and how to avoid it — Research from the 1980s war protests show that news media unconsciously leans toward government, especially with liberal protest causes. How can we fight against that and be fair.
  • Using empathy:
    • Bias as an algorithm of the mind
    • Storytelling is an empathy workhorse — How empathy, truly embracing the perspectives and emotions of someone else can enhance your storytelling and your audience beliefs.
    • How to practice cognitive empathy
  • Tools for practicing inclusive journalism — Specific systems journalists can use tomorrow.