Established in 1937, OAB is one of the nation’s oldest state broadcast associations.

Supporting Ohio’s broadcasters and the communities they serve since 1937

The OAB has been serving radio and television stations across the Buckeye State for more than 75 years.

With more than 90 percent of all Ohio stations within our membership, we work to advocate on behalf of broadcasters at the state and federal levels, and to provide a variety of training and compliance resources.

Our services are targeted to different areas of station operations, including sales, engineering, human resources and news.

If your station is not an OAB member, we encourage you to learn more about our membership options. You can also contact us directly at 614.228.4052.

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OAB membership provides value to all parts of your organization with tools and resources that positively impact you station, your staff, and your community.

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