Sales Resources

Our in-person and on-demand training, hotlines and resources help you get ahead and stay in compliance.

OAB resources help you find sales success.

Whether you’re a new hire or a seasoned AE, the OAB has the resources sellers need, including the ins-and-outs of compliance information, reminders of deadlines, explanations of advertising regulations and more.

As staff at an OAB member station, you receive access to these sales resources at no additional cost but an OAB user account is required. To access these resources use your member login or email Mariah West to request a login.

Political Broadcasting Information
The OAB provides a number of resources regarding federal and state political broadcasting rules.
FCC Hotline
Get answers to questions about a wide range of federal issues.
Ohio Info-Line
Get answers to questions on Ohio-specific regulations or rules.
Ohio Advertising Regulations
Detailed guidance on what ads Ohio stations can air, and what those ads can say.
LBS 2nd Tuesday Webinars
These webinars provide fresh content and marketing solutions to help you sell more in a constantly changing environment.
Broadcast TV in a Digital World
This TVB webinar shares the latest 2024 research into consumers' media habits.
New Seller Training
Take your new sales hires from “rookie to ready” with this seven-week onboarding training program.
Insight Edge Newsletter
This weekly email newsletter provides top headlines in key advertising categories to help you prepare for your next sales call.
Ten-Minute Trainer
This training program includes dozens of short, educational OTT videos covering all topics of broadcast operations.
Sportsbook Advertising
Get resources to aid broadcasters when sportsbook operators want to place ads with stations.

4th Quarter New Seller Training Begins Sept. 16!

The OAB’s partnership with P1 Learning offers a seven-week program that guides your entry level sellers through a combination of online courses, weekly conference calls, testing, and homework assignments – all designed to make them great sellers.