Third Thursday Webinar Series

2024 Third Thursday Webinar Schedule

Third Thursday webinar sessions are presented in conjunction with other state broadcasters’ associations and are coordinated by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.

Registration for these webinars are free for OAB members, but registration is required.  When registering for any of the following webinars, use promo code BeThere24 to receive complimentary registration.

Jan. 18 | Media Habits of Streamers

Brian Allers
Sr. Vice President TVB

It is no secret that streaming platforms have become a popular way to view content. However, there are questions about who is watching which services, whether these services have advertising, and whether these streaming viewers also view linear TV.

The 2023 SVOD study, a brand-new 4,000-respondent survey implemented by the well-regarded research company GfK and commissioned by TVB, attempts to better understand this vast world of streaming and how linear television, more specifically, local broadcast TV fits in it. Key findings from this study help advertising decision makers better understand the media landscape and showcase the value linear TV continues to have for advertisers.


Feb. 15 | AI’s Role, Impact and Future on Local Broadcasting: A Conversation with the NAB

Sam Matheny
Chief Technology Officer, NAB

With the meteoric rise in AI, what do broadcasters need to know about what’s on the horizon. In this session, the NAB will define AI, what technologies are available to enhance local broadcasts, and tips to avoid potential pitfalls.


March 21 | All Things ABIP: A Deep Dive into the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

Larry Wilkins
Director of Engineering Services, Alabama Broadcasters Association

The Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) was created several years ago as a joint project between the FCC and State Broadcasters Associations. An ABIP inspector will visit your station to review various items to aid the station in becoming and maintaining compliance with the latest FCC Rules and Regulations. In this session we will cover each of the items that the alternative inspector will be looking at and offer advice on correcting any areas that need attention.


April 18 | Breakthrough Sales: Practical Tips for Creating a Successful Sales Culture in Your Operation

Steve Wexler
Leadership Coach, WEXL Coaching & Development

If you missed the OAB’s 2023 in-person sales seminar, this is a great opportunity catch this engaging and thought-provoking session from Steve Wexler. We’ll discuss a contemporary way of thinking about what business our clients actually think we’re in and how to make sure we’re speaking their language, not ours. We’ll even propose changing some of the words we use internally so we can build a more sales-oriented culture in our stations. We’ll also work on preparation for client meetings, focusing on the three powerful types of questions all AE’s should understand so they can uncover true customer needs. We’ll wrap it up by revealing the “Top 10 Traits” of great salespeople.


May 16 | Election Coverage Down the Backstretch: Get off the Track

Kevin Benz
I-Media Strategies

The 2024 elections are testing journalists as never before as truth takes a backseat to self-interest and polarization makes neutral coverage almost impossible. How do we cover candidates who treat truth as a convenience and voters who look for agreement over clarity. This session will take political polarization head on, giving real options for journalists interested in telling the truth over talking points. We will also look at specific coverage examples that take coverage away from the horse race and focus on the candidate.


June 20 | Understanding More About Your Listeners in The Connected Car!

Juan Galdamez
Sr. Director of Broadcast Strategy & Development, Xperi

Connectivity in the car has opened new opportunities to improve the listening experience and to gain new insights with DTS AutoStage. Pairing broadcast and IP in the car can now change the way your listeners experience your station and at the same time, give you a better understanding of your audience. For the first time ever, stations can now access real-time metrics coming from the vehicle for their AM/FM stations. All for FREE!


Aug. 15 | A Conversation with the Congressional Broadcasters Caucus

Hosted by Nicole Gustafson
Sr. Vice President of Government Relations, NAB


Sept. 19 | Seek To Resonate, Not Just to Be Seen: Social Media + Video in 2024

Lori Lewis
Lori Lewis Media

Long-form video viewing is on the rise. And short-form video fatigue is bubbling under. But it doesn’t mean stop with short form. It means it’s time to get ahead of it and develop an intentional (long-form) and discovery (short-form) viewing strategy. Join Lori Lewis Media for a workshop on how to master the balance needed with both content forms. This is an opportunity to learn how longer video content builds on brand remembrance as well as leveraging shorter video content to increase awareness and growth by getting discovered in feeds.


Oct. 17 | Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Binnu Palta Hill
Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Wisconsin School of Business University of Wisconsin-Madison

Psychological safety is a shared belief held by members of a team that it’s ok to take risks, to express ideas and concerns, to speak up with questions, and to admit mistakes – all without fear of negative consequences (HBR, 2023). Research shows that psychological safety is integral to employee well-being, retention, engagement, collaboration and innovation. It is also linked to high performing teams. In this session, we will discuss what psychological safety looks like and how leaders can cultivate it to nurture thriving teams.


Nov. 21 | The Election is Over – What It Means for Broadcasters for 2025 and Beyond

Speaker TBD