Cost of an ABIP Inspection

ABIP Inspection Fee Schedule

The OAB covers travel expenses associated with the inspection for member stations. Non-member stations and stations requiring a re-inspection are responsible for the inspector’s travel expenses.

Station Type OAB Members Non-Members
AM or FM station $385 $580
Additional station(s) (co-located transmitters) $220 each $330 each
Translators (located within 25 miles of main station)* $165 each $220 each
Translators (located more than 25 miles of main station)* $250 each $300 each
Directional antenna monitor points $55 each $55 each
Television station  $770 $1,155
*Note: the main station must be scheduled for an inspection at the same time.

The fee for a re-inspection, is 50 percent of the original inspection fee if completed within 60 days.

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