Cost of an ABIP Inspection

ABIP Inspection Fee Schedule

Below is the fee schedule for ABIP inspections. The OAB pays the inspector’s travel expenses for OAB member stations. Non-member stations and stations requiring a re-inspection will be invoiced for the inspector’s travel expenses.

Station Type OAB Members Non-Members
AM or FM station $385 $580
Additional station(s) (co-located transmitters) $220 each $330 each
Translators (located within 25 miles of main station)* $165 each $220 each
Translators (located more than 25 miles of main station)* $250 each $300 each
Directional antenna monitor points $55 each $55 each
Television station  $770 $1,155
Reinspection (if completed within 60 days) 50% of original inspection fee 50% of original inspection fee
Reinspection (if completed after 60 days of original inspection) Full fee Full fee

*Note: the main station must be scheduled for an inspection at the same time.

Stations will be invoiced for payment at the time of application.  For those stations that have opted to receive immunity during the inspection process, payment must be received by the OAB in order to trigger the 150-day grace period.

rev. 08/2022

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