2021 Scholarship Recipient: Trinity Robinson

Trinity Robinson

College: Ohio University
Major: Business Administration – Finance
High School: Northwest High School
Year of Scholarship: 2021

Congratulations to 2021 OAB Kids Scholarship recipient, Trinity Robinson! A 2021 graduate of Northwest High School in Cincinnati, Trinity plans to study Business Administration at Ohio University with a focus on Finance. Her mother, Faith Daniels-Robinson works as an on-air personality and Program Director at the Alpha Media radio stations in Dayton.

Looking up to her mother throughout her life, Trinity has seen firsthand the way broadcasters use their connections to support their local communities and give back to those in need through volunteer and charity efforts. “This inspired me to lend a helping hand in my community and in my school using my mother as a role model to give back to others,” she says, expressing her fascination with the unique role of broadcasters in serving local communities.

Trinity’s passion, however, lies in the business sector, which first caught her interest freshman year when she was accepted into a Butler Tech Financial Services program at her school. She also joined the Business Professionals of America, eventually serving as Ohio Association Secretary, Ohio Association President, and later, Local Chapter President. Through these programs, Trinity was able to gain real-world experience in the field and participated in several local, regional, and national competitions, winning numerous awards along the way for her achievements.

Trinity was particularly motivated by the personal relationships and connections the business world helped her discover during her time in these programs, citing them as her main reason for pursuing a future career in the industry. “There are so many different aspects to business that you can take with you throughout your entire life. Connections made through business ventures lead you to people who you otherwise would have never met. You are given new experiences that allow you to build relationships through life. That is why I love business and it is something that I will be involved in for the rest of my life,” she states.

Outside of business programs, Trinity was continuously involved in extracurriculars and volunteer efforts during her high school years. She contributed to groups including her school’s Diversity Club, Freshmen Mentorship Program, Key Club, Credit Union, and Student Senate, and gave her time to a variety of local charities. Trinity’s other interests include drawing, pottery, being outdoors, racing go karts, and collecting unique t-shirts and shoes.

According to Trinity, the best advice she has ever received came from her high school guidance counselor who told her, “It is not about the situation or hardship at hand, but instead about how you react and overcome.” Trinity took this to heart throughout her high school career, viewing adversity as something to learn and grow from, rather than an obstacle. “Everything you experience in life contributes to who you are as a person and how you overcome adversity attests to your strength and determination,” she adds.

This outlook became especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic, which impacted Trinity’s entire senior year. She recalls giving extra effort to remain optimistic and stay motivated through a difficult, emotionally taxing year in isolation. Through hard work and perseverance, Trinity excelled her final year, graduating cum laude despite the situation at hand. “All areas of my strength were tested,” she muses about this period. “I am a stronger person today than I have ever been and I actually thank the pandemic for that.”

Trinity’s loved ones describe her as hardworking, optimistic, and fun loving with a sense of humor. She is an individual who is willing to go the extra mile to help those in need, and highly involved in anything she does. Most of all, Trinity has always been true to herself and her interests, advising her peers to do the same as they navigate high school and beyond.

“My beliefs and values will never fold, and I will always aspire to be better than I was the day before. I will be impacting the world for the better, giving back to communities, and changing lives for the people that are the most in need. I will continue to be myself and accept others for their authentic selves as well. Finally, I will always continue to be a leader and inspire those around me to not only do better and achieve more, but to inspire others to do the same.”

About the Ohio Broadcasters Foundation

The Ohio Broadcasters Foundation is the educational foundation affiliated with the Ohio Association of Broadcasters, the not-for-profit trade association of radio and television stations in Ohio.  The OAB Kids Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating high school senior planning to attend college next year whose parent is employed by an OAB member station.


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