The OAB, in cooperation with the FCC, has established the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) to help stations ensure they are in compliance with FCC regulations.

Under this program, a station that is inspected by the OAB’s technical inspector, Blake Thompson, and certified to be in compliance with the FCC’s technical rules, is exempt from routine inspections by the FCC for three years.

Certificate of Compliance Benefits

  • Scheduling at your convenience
  • Exemption from routine FCC inspections for three years
  • Ensuring compliance with FCC regulations
  • Raising awareness among station personnel of technical rules

How an ABIP Inspection Works

The OAB’s ABIP inspector is approved by the FCC to conduct inspections. These inspections are based upon the FCC Broadcast Station Self-Inspection List.

When the station is deemed in compliance, the OAB will send a Certificate of Compliance to the station and to the FCC.

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