August 3rd Thursday: From Influence to Impact: Putting More Political Ad Dollars on Your Books
Event Date: August 18, 2022
Event Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Presented by: AdCellerant & Mark Levy

In this webinar, we will discuss digital marketing revenue opportunities, tactics and best practices that can enable local broadcasters to capture and maximize political revenue.

Presenter Mark Levy will cover topics including:

  • What the past few months are likely to mean for 2022 political advertising
  • Where political ad dollars are likely to go
  • Digital ad changes and how that affects potential broadcast sales
  • Where digital suggests some of their previously earmarked money goes
  • Why local political dollars may be more important than national dollars
  • Common-sensical things we forget that cost us political buys
  • The value of some lesser known websites and The Edmonds Political Database
  • A key question to ask a candidate that can justify a bigger schedule
  • Knowing how to better tell your story sans “broadcast-ease”
  • The value of database qualitative
  • An intro letter template designed to get candidates to meet with you
  • A Lowest Unit Rate Template tool that actually works
  • The often overlooked danger of social media, political advertising and low rates
  • Ideas for upsells and new non-political business because of 2022 being an election year
  • Political ad copy help, including a source for thousands of political ads
  • And this is broadcasting, so of course, “and more"