LBS Year of the Customer 2024: Establishing Customer Engagement as Your Competitive Selling Advantage
Event Date: January 9, 2024
Event Time: 11:45 AM - 01:35 PM EDT

Presented by: Gary Moore, LBS President

Gary Moore, LBS President, opens the "Year of the Customer" experience with a compelling presentation on how to leverage your excellent service as a competitive advantage in your market. As always, Gary will provide and discuss practical steps you can take to enhance your own skills in this area.

This webinar was part of LBS's "Year of the Customer" series in January 2024. This national online event for broadcast and digital managers and sellers featured ten different sessions led by the most influential sales, creative, and leadership figures serving the industry today.

During these fast-paced sessions, sellers and managers were equipped to embrace 2024 with fresh ideas, unwavering motivation, and proven strategies for becoming their clients’ and prospects’ LOCAL media champion!