Talent Acquisition Webinar Series
Event Date: February 4, 2021
Event Time: Noon

Recruiting and hiring qualified employees – particularly sellers – is an ongoing challenge for radio and television stations in small and large markets.  If you’re in need of new ideas and tools to identify passive candidates, improve the branding of your station for current and prospective employees, interview applicants in a remote world, and much more,  look no further!

In this eight-part Talent Acquisition series, Laurie Kahn, president and CEO of Media Staffing Network, covers all aspects of recruitment, building a better culture, and becoming a “place to work” in your community.  All needed steps to attract a higher quality of job seeker, learn how to create and work your own talent pipeline, stronger interview tactics to uncover more about your prospective hires, marketing, sample on-air scripts, and more.  She discusses compensation and how radio and TV are making changes to traditional compensation plans.  And, with many of us still working remotely, Laurie addresses how to handle interviewing and onboarding in a virtual world.

Archives of all webinars from this series are available to OAB members by following the link below.

1. Critical Steps to Assure Success in Attracting Prospective Employees

An overview of things that are working for companies who are winning the war for talent!

2. Let’s Talk Marketing – a Key Player in Recruitment & Retention

Get a better understanding of how to market to attract ideal candidates. ARCHIVE VIDEO | SESSION HANDOUT: SAMPLE JOB PROFILE

3. Tips and Tricks to a More Effective Interview (For Both Job Seekers & Passive Prospects)

Tips & tactics for uncovering more information to make the right decision when hiring. ARCHIVE VIDEO | PRESENTATION SLIDES

4. Compensation and Onboarding – How They Work Together

A discussion covering different models of compensation for sales and other station staff members, maintaining new hire engagement, and creating onboarding plans for both in-person and remote training. ARCHIVE VIDEO

5. Restructuring the Sales Team for Stronger Retention and Engagement

The why, where, how, when of setting up a team, employee compensation, utilizing part time and flexible workers, and strategies for bringing in next-generation employees and non-employees. ARCHIVE VIDEO

6. The Talent Pipeline – A Must in Recruitment Success

A hands-on overview with instructions on how to set up, populate, and build a talent pipeline. ARCHIVE VIDEO | PRESENTATION SLIDES

7. Hiring in a Remote World

A deep dive into of how all the steps of the hiring process are done on a remote, often virtual basis. ARCHIVE VIDEO

8. Do You Have Enough Diversity at Your Company?

Understanding the importance of maintaining a diverse staff. ARCHIVE VIDEO | PRESENTATION SLIDES