Ohio Advertising Rules & Regulations

In July 2020, the Vorys law firm presented a webinar update on Ohio advertising rules and regulations, including a review of what ads stations can and cannot air, and what those ads can and cannot say.

Broadcasters need a strong talent acquisition plan for success in hiring and meeting revenue goals today and tomorrow. With unemployment at a low four percent, many broadcasters are challenged when trying to hire sales, management and engineering positions.

The OAB has partnered with Media Staffing Network for a three-part webinar series on how to win in the war for talent. OAB members receive access to this series  at NO COST as part of their OAB membership.

Newer generations of workers consider different aspects of employment vs. earlier generations when deciding to join or stay. Tenure of new hires will be shorter than seen in the past, causing more turnover creating a need for more frequent recruitment and hiring. There’s also the need for stronger engagement for longer retention of quality talent. The competition to hire quality talent is huge. Not only is it hard to hire, but any top talent will be contacted regularly by recruiters!

This webinar series will help you with all of the above obstacles. All three sessions can be found on-demand below.

  1. Positioning Your Opportunities (WATCH THE ARCHIVE)
    • You will gain a better understanding of how to market to attract your ideal candidates. Media Staffing Network will help you overcome the perceptions that you are always looking and that broadcast is old school, and how culture fits in the equation. Download PDF of slides.
  2. Interviewing for Better Hiring (WATCH THE ARCHIVE)
    • You will learn tips and tactics, as well as specific questions & answers you should be looking for.
  3. Compensation and Onboarding (WATCH THE ARCHIVE)
    • There are different compensation models in and out of sales, as well as receive ideas to keep staff engaged. Download the handouts on compensation tips and onboarding.

All participants received handouts for each session, which included sample recruitment ads, interview questions, an onboarding plan and more. All sessions were presented by the experts at Media Staffing Network, who bring 25+ years of media recruitment experience to share.